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SKALICloud+ delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure, the assimilation of Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service,
delivering a expandable, workable and highly available cloud.

Implement a personal or hybrid enterprise cloud that lows down costs and expand agility. Supply your developers with an
enterprise-class private PaaS that allows rapid application growth and distribution,
without coding to proprietary API




Operate new earnings by delivering a strong, expandable PaaS to our customers at a much
lower price than the competition.

Our customers will undergo a platform that implement the only fully elastic zero
code-change PaaS in the production. Customers will drive latest and recurring
incomes with a no-risk revenue-share cooperation
with SKALICloud+.




Easy, quick, Cost-Effective. SKALICloud+ gives the ultimate platform for developers and ISVs.

It's the only zero code change PaaS that unblocks you from coding to trademarked APIs. With our distinctive fully elastic
scalability, you save up to 73% over ruthless solutions because of how you only pay for assets you use, not chunks
of resources reserved.