Reinvent Your Business with Cloud

Reinvent Your Business with Cloud. Are you ready? It is not about technology but a paradigm shift.

Take the lead in the current business world!
Gone are the days of desk-bounded business transactions. Today, businesses are taken to the next level with cloud computing.

Here is what has happening as we speak, if you are a global hotel chain you are not in a good shape. If you are running a series of cinemas or selling those pirated DVD, this year may be tougher. If you are one of those companies that are leasing your Taxi to the retirees who is a taxi driver, it is time to reconsider you archaic business model. As if you are one of these guys, your business model that you relied upon for many years is going about to be obsoleted. Thanks to the likes of companies like Airbnb, Netflix or Uber / GrabTaxi.

These companies, they don’t have hotel rooms, costly real estate for cinemas or fleet of cars and drivers but they have the cloud and them out theirs to get your market.


Cloud computing creates infinite business opportunities

Companies can efficiently facilitate new revenues, make greater service heights and create niche markets. The cloud breaks down barriers in the supply chain by allowing direct and real-time interactions between clients and suppliers. It delivers speed, agility and cost reduction to IT and other functional areas within an enterprise. Its transformative impact can readily be seen in areas such as Human Resource, Customer Relations Management, and IT Infrastructure. Cloud computing not only increases efficiency, but also allows room for innovation to gain competitive edge. 


Lesser cost = Higher Returns

The usage of cloud services positively influences the impact on investment, revenue, cost, and timing. In many enterprises, servers are dedicated to specific functions or departments, and can be massively under-utilised. New servers for new projects may result in lower ROI. Cloud computing enables resources to be shared by different loads, and thus improves utilisation. A study conducted has found that companies investing in this collaboration technology has had a 400% return on investment. With cloud computing, IT departments are not only responsible for the security against digital threats, but have also become profit centres for respective businesses. These IT experts are now decision makers in making their company’s innovation agenda a reality. Cloud computing providers will manage most issues, leaving the IT Department more room to strategize the leveraging of innovation and technology. 


Welcome to the Open Platform and Collaboration

Open digital platforms, data sharing with strategic partners or the adoption of new tools are the mark of a 21st century company which requires a new type of IT manager. Moving forward, all you need are smart technology innovators who can show the best global enterprise platforms to collaborate with, assess the new generation Cloud-based security risks, and help educate your people on how to manage passwords and personal identities online. One of the best global business platforms is LinkedIn, which provides boundless opportunities for businesses to network with entities worldwide. Nothing shouts out "expert" more than sharing key information to potential customers. For a car rental company targeting travel agencies, there is a huge range of activities that will put you in the forefront of the minds of travel agents. This might include creating a stream of information about your fleet, rental terms, useful checklists for drivers, and more. LinkedIn also facilitates networking process. Think about those that you recommend on LinkedIn. It is a reflection of your professional approach. Getting recommendations is vitally important. When your biggest most influential customers say great things about you, it builds massive credibility and value for you. 


Collaborative Workforce across the globe

In today’s borderless business world, many companies are replacing traditional cubicles with the freedom of working at virtual offices or cafe style public spaces. Cloud computing increases collaboration by allowing all employees, wherever they are, to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously. With internet access practically everywhere, businesses are empowering their people with mobility and effective productivity. has successfully provided a robust platform for the sales and marketing team to not only create leads, but also to track, follow up and ensure up-to-date contacts for recurring sales and promotion of new products. This flexibility positively affects work-life balance and motivates them to excel further. In an international setup, employees collaborate with colleagues from different time zones and regions on a regular basis. Prior to cloud computing, files were being sent back and forth via email. Only one person can work on a file at a time, and the same document has various different names and formats. Now with Google Drive for example, all files are securely kept in a central location, where everyone can access and work on one common copy regardless of where they are. Employees are also able to communicate with one another while making changes together. This whole process increases efficiency and produces better results; giving brainstorming sessions and active virtual collaboration a new meaning. Companies on the other hand will achieve economies of scale when businesses are able to optimise productivity with leaner structure. Your cost per unit, project or product would be significantly competitive. Employees are also able to track colleagues and records to receive critical updates in real-time. Many companies feel that borderless cloud computing is significant to take the lead in meeting business demands. With a vast capacity of the service’s remote servers, cloud-based services such as Dropbox can instantly seal the deal for companies requiring greater bandwidth.


Are you ready for the cloud customer?

How easy is it for your customers to do business with you? How much time is involved to get deals done the traditional way? One of the great advantages of new Cloud-based platforms is that they offer companies a chance to fundamentally transform how they engage, serve and ultimately delight their customers. The traditional practice of calling for a taxi by dialling the service provider number was time-consuming and seems obsolete, what more trying to stop one by the roadside. GrabCar, with their tagline ‘Rides Made Awesome’ provides a vehicle booking service via the GrabTaxi app. It promises safety, certainty and speed. All you need to do is download GrabTaxi on your smartphones, mark your locations and choose an economy or premium vehicle. A fixed rate is provided upfront. You also get to track the distance of the vehicle to your location, a time estimation is given. Your awesome ride awaits you-that’s assured. Cloud computing also helps the busy generation stay healthy. FoodPanda Food Delivery, the leading mobile and online food ordering marketplace allows you to order nutritious food and take away from over 30,000 restaurants in over 35 countries, online or via app. Search, choose, pay and enjoy! Food from various outlets is prepared and delivered to your door. 


Are you ready?

Cloud calls for top executives to challenge their thinking; to look at old problems in a new light and create opportunities, new markets and build new strategies to stay ahead. Transformation is now at your fingertips - to create opportunities, new markets and develop strategies to stay ahead. With abundance of business apps available, cloud computing transforms the way businesses are conducted. Every app solves a specific industry pain point that unlocks significant value in a particular workflow. The evolution of Cloud has brought about three sets of people and principles: service providers, business users and IT users. This collaboration has significantly helped in ways businesses are conducted more efficiently to reach out to a vast audience. The time has come for you reinvent your business and take the lead through cloud. Don’t let your competitor be ahead of the game!

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